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Are ESOPs Right for California Breweries?

Posted by Marc S. Schechter | Apr 17, 2018

ANSWER: The San Diego area is renowned as the headquarters of more than 150 breweries, earning it the nickname of the “Craft Beer Capitol” of the U.S. However, while many brewery owners can explain the nuances of lautering and even wax poetic about fermentation techniques, they may feel out of their depth when it comes to employee ownership, ERISA compliance and related business law matters. That is why we are happy to provide a brief overview of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).

For many breweries, this unique type of retirement plan is indeed an excellent choice. In fact, numerous breweries nationwide have already transitioned to ESOPs — including Odell and New Belgium in Colorado, and the iconic Modern Times in San Diego....

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Marc S. Schechter

Marc Schechter specializes in the areas of employee benefits, ERISA, and business matters.


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