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About Our Firm

Butterfield Schechter LLP is one of Southern California's largest law firms focusing its law practice primarily on employee benefit plan matters. Butterfield Schechter LLP was founded in 1998 by Robert K. Butterfield and Marc S. Schechter. The attorneys at Butterfield Schechter LLP are dedicated to providing top-quality legal service tailored to clients' needs. Our attorneys have more than 100 combined years of experience practicing ERISA and employee benefits law. Our commitment to excellent service and our combined experience fosters positive and efficient solutions for clients. The firm's persistent effort to prevent legal problems from occurring encourages the development of long-term client relationships. Our broad-based clientele includes corporations, individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, joint ventures, qualified retirement plans, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

We provide top quality legal services to our clients across the country. At Butterfield Schechter LLP we take pride in offering comprehensive legal assistance in the areas of estate planning, employee benefits, corporate law, and ERISA litigation. Our experience in employee benefits law and business law provides creative solutions for the most pressing business concerns.

Our success is achieved by maintaining our cutting edge knowledge of employee benefits law and by maintaining a connection with the community through leadership and education. Our client base ranges through almost all sizes and industries, from sole practitioner lawyers and physicians to publicly traded corporations, and even members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Mission Statement

Butterfield Schechter LLP strives to be the leading provider in San Diego County of ERISA and employee benefits legal services.

Success is measured when:

  • Clients, referral sources, and competitors regard us as the community leader.
  • The professionalism of our staff and the quality of our services is recognized in the local ERISA community.

Success is achieved as a result of:

  • Maintaining our knowledge of ERISA and employee benefits through continued training by attending or teaching courses, keeping up to date with current laws, regulations, and news reports, and striving to always be “ahead of the curve.”
  • Operating with integrity.
  • Contributing to our legal community.
  • Helping our employees realize their full potential.


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